How to Deal with and Prevent Spring Aches & Pains

Spring Aches and Pain

Spring is here! The air feels welcoming, the flowers are blooming, and you can finally feel the sunshine on your face. But, unfortunately, spring might not feel as bright if you suffer from chronic pain in Texas. 

 While other people are writing their to-do list for springtime activities, you may be noting all the things you can’t accomplish because of your pain. Unfortunately, if a weather change increases your pain, this time could be even more gloomy for you.

 Before you give up hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! There are treatments available. So, let’s dive into how to deal with and prevent spring aches and pain, and soon enough, you’ll be back to doing the activities you love the most. 

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Could My Pain Be Due to Weather-Related Joint Pain? 

In short, yes! It very much could be. Many call this weather-related joint pain the “spring aches and pains,” and it certainly can put a dark film over the changing of seasons. As the weather rises, you may notice you start to venture less outside. 

Start Mornings Right

Starting your mornings may be more challenging due to the stiffness you feel in your joints. You may wonder why you feel such an increase in pain as the weather changes! Well, you aren’t alone. This is a common occurrence among many who suffer from inflammation, joint pain, or other forms of chronic pain.

Understand Why Weather Affects Joints

While the connection has been made in the medical field for years of the correlation between joint pain and change in weather, it’s hard to get a clear answer as to exactly why. The theories are plentiful, but they all come back to the exact cause, like a change in barometric pressure. In this source, a rise in barometric pressure caused an increase in stiffness and soreness of the joints of the studies participants.

Treatment Options for Arthritis

Knee Pain

You aren’t doomed to achy joints every time the sun shines! There are many treatment options for those who have Arthritis and other weather-related joint pain. Nobody is a “one size fits all”; working with a team of specialists will help you figure out the best care plan for your health! Some great options your team may suggest are:

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You aren’t alone with your chronic pain. Healing is possible! With the right health team in your corner, you can be on your way to tan lines and your favorite warm-weather activities!

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