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At Arthritis Relief Institute we want to provide all of our patients and the general public with the most up to date technological advancements, pain management techniques, health and wellness tips and tricks and educational resources as possible. On our blog you will find information on all of these topics and more including: pain management, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, complex pain syndrome.

What is Causing Your Joint Pain ?

What is Causing Your Joint Pain?

February 25, 2021

Have you ever started to experience joint pain and wondered what exactly is causing it? We see many patients for joint pain in our office in Dallas and this is a question that we have to answer quite frequently. There can be many joint pain causes and it is a fairly common complaint in the…

Cold Weather Exercises for Joint Pain Relief

Cold Weather Exercises for Joint Pain Relief

February 11, 2021

The colder weather can definitely make all of us want to bundle up on the couch with a nice blanket and stay in our homes. This can especially be true for those who suffer from joint pain. Your pains can seem to be at an all time high during the winter months.  However, staying active…

Alternative Exercises for Chronic Pain

Alternative Exercises for Chronic Pain

January 25, 2021

Staying active is an important part of mitigating your chronic pain symptoms. Exercise is shown to reduce your pain levels, reduce inflammation, and increase mobility. Exercise can help strengthen your muscles and when your muscles are strong and working properly, they can better support your body.   While for many, your normal physical activities have been…

New Year Less Chronic Pain

New Year Less Chronic Pain

January 11, 2021

Every year we see our friends and family members make their resolutions for the new year. You may have some of your own this year. Perhaps you are going to try to kick an old habit or learn a new hobby this year?  For those living with chronic pain, one of the best resolutions you…

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain

Ketamine Infusions

December 25, 2020

More than 50 million adults in the United States are affected by chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. Those that suffer from chronic pain know that it can greatly affect their way of life. It can affect everything from your sleep, your work…

chronic pain and sleep

Sleep and Chronic Pain

December 11, 2020

Sleep is essential for our bodies to function at their best. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adults get seven or more hours of sleep a night to be at their healthiest. However, when you are living with a chronic pain condition, it can be a battle to even get a few hours…

cold weather and joint pain

How is Cold Weather Affecting Your Arthritis?

November 19, 2020

Winter is upon us, and for those who suffer from joint pain that can mean even more discomfort. While many people blame their increased aches and pains on the cold weather, it is actually due to changes in the barometric pressure. When there are sudden drops in the barometric pressure, your joints can swell, putting…

getting rid of holiday headaches

Keeping Away Holiday Headaches

November 30, 2020

For a non-migraine sufferer the holidays can be a time of year that can definitely make your head pound. Trying to cook meals for our families, dealing with visitors, shopping for presents, there is so much going on. It can be full of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, putting our exercise on the back…

ways to ease arthritis pain

Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain

October 22, 2020

Over 54 million people in the United States suffer from Arthritis. So it comes at no surprise that many people look for ways in their everyday life that they can make changes to ease their arthritis pain. The experts at The Arthritis Relief Institute always work with their patients to customize a plan that integrates…

chronic pain and its overlooked aspects

Chronic Pain and It’s Overlooked Aspects

October 8, 2020

The Arthritis Relief Institute is here to help you with all of your pain management needs, whether they be chronic or acute. We work together with you to find the right treatments to help you lead a better overall life. Some people’s chronic pain can come on quickly or it can develop over a period…

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