Epidural Injections For Chronic Back Pain In Dallas TX


Back pain can affect every part of your life. It can keep you up at night and can keep you from doing all the things you love in your life. Absolutely no one wants to deal with chronic back pain. 

But what do you do about it? If you are someone who suffers from back pain, you have no doubt tried numerous pain relief solutions before such as medication or physical therapy. But possibly have found no real relief. 

Without relief, It may seem like you are destined to live with your pain forever. Feeling like this isn’t healthy for anyone, and can even lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. Which in turn actually can exacerbate your pain symptoms. 

But, we are here to tell you that there is hope for relief of your back pain. An epidural injection Dallas could be the relief you are looking for, for your persistent back pain. 

What is an Epidural Injection?

When most people hear the word epidural, they automatically assume it is the epidural given during labor. But it isn’t the same at all. That is epidural anesthesia. An epidural injection’s Dallas main difference is that it will block pain for the long term because it contains a powerful corticosteroid.

Cortisone-Reducing Inflammation

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Your body naturally produces cortisone and it is released by your adrenal gland. When it is released, it suppresses your immune system and dims inflammation and along with it, pain. However, when your body is in chronic pain and is inflamed for long amounts of time, your body may not be able to wait on the cortisone or it may not be producing enough to reduce the pain. 

This is where an epidural injection Dallas comes into play.  The corticosteroid has anti-inflammatory properties that act in the same manner as the ones your body already produces. 

Epidural Injection Procedure 

Once you and your pain management specialist have decided that this is an accurate pain management treatment for your specific type of pain, you will arrive at the clinic for the procedure. A local anesthetic is given to numb the area so you are as comfortable as possible. The injection is then guided into your epidural space with fluoroscopy (Live X-Ray Imaging). Once the correct location has been determined for your maximum chronic or acute back pain relief, your injection will be administered. 

Who Can Find Relief?

There are many patients that suffer from various types of back pain that can find relief with the use of an epidural injection in Dallas. Including but not limited to:

  • Overall Lower back pain
  • Lumbar radicular pain
  • Lumbar disc bulge/herniation
  • Compression fractures
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sciatica Treatment Dallas
  • Neuropathy 

These conditions and many more cause patients to experience either chronic or acute back pain. But with the help of an ESI, relief can be possible.

What Benefits Are There?

With Epidural Injections, you can find relief that you weren’t able to find with other pain relief options. You will find that you have an immediate reduction of back pain that can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. And with that patients are able to improve both their mobility and function in their lives. 

Many patients also have found that with the use of injections, they are able to delay or avoid surgery. This is very helpful, because sometimes, with surgery patients find that in the end, surgery doesn’t always end up being the pain relief that they hoped for. 

And one of the biggest benefits that we find is that patients are able to reduce the number of pain medications that they are taking. We understand that pain medications are necessary, however, we always want to administer the lowest possible dose to effectively control your pain. 

Time To Find Relief

If you are tired of experiencing back pain and are ready to find relief, it is time to contact the Arthritis Relief Institute today. We can work together to develop a treatment plan for chronic or acute back pain relief. Don’t let your back pain go untreated any longer, we are here to help.