Hyalgan Injections

At ARITX there are a variety of services to treat osteoarthritic pain of the knee. Initial forms of treatment are simple painkillers, prescription painkillers, physical therapy, and exercise. While we do offer those, Hyalgan injections delivered at our office by our medical specialists are a more novel form of treatment. Though you may seem apprehensive to the thought of an injection at first, it may actually be the ideal choice for you that will provide a return to normal joint function and mobility allowing you to return to your favorite everyday activities, thus promoting a better quality of life for you in the long-term.

There are two main types of knee injections: corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid (Hyalgan). While corticosteroids work faster than Hyalgan injections, their effects do not last as long, and many do not find pain relief from these injections at all. On the other hand, many will find their pain alleviated via Hyalgan injections.

Hyalgan injections are indicated for those who haven’t responded to pain medication, physical therapy, or exercise. These injections are also a good choice for those looking to avoid surgery. Because they do not pass through your bloodstream, Hyalgan injections limit the side effects found with typical oral pain medications. [3] In addition, Hyalgan injections do not interfere with other medications one may be taking for osteoarthritis; they can be taken in addition to your prescription pain relievers.

Typical pain relief for Hyalgan is up to 6 months. And it can be used safely for up to 30 months. [3]

The active ingredient in Hyalgan injections, hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that is naturally present in the synovial fluid surrounding your joints. This synovial fluid helps to lubricate and cushion your joint. One of the effects of osteoarthritis is the breakdown of this fluid. Injection of this natural hyaluronic acid restores the synovial fluid back to a healthier state. [2]

The protocol for Hyalgan injection treatment is fairly simple. The doctor may perform an aspiration first, removing some of the fluid from the knee joint to reduce swelling. [5] Following that, five injections are given at weekly intervals by a healthcare provider. Side effects are minor if any: any pain, swelling, skin irritation, or tenderness are typically mild and short-lasting. [4]

Hyalgan injections work best for those with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. [5] While a doctor will best know if Hyalgan injections are right for you, if you do not get adequate relief from simple painkillers, exercise, or physical therapy, you may be an ideal candidate. [2]

People typically notice improvements at different rates and this depends on many individual factors. Though typically, it may take several weeks for the pain of osteoarthritis to lessen.

Knee pain can be debilitating to your physical as well as mental quality of life. If the afflictions of osteoarthritis are keeping you from doing all of the things you used to enjoy, Hyalgan injections offered at ARITX may be an effective treatment to allow you those memorable experiences with your loved ones as well as better overall well-being.