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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem-cell therapy applies stem cells to treat or prevent conditions and diseases. Stem cells are derived from many places in the human body with the most prevalent stem-cell therapy being bone marrow transplant. Other stem cells therapy may include stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood.


Stem Cell Therapy in DFW

Many doctors have specific criteria when recommending stem cell therapy. A small amount of evidence shows that stem cell therapy can aid those suffering from severe arthritis, yet it especially benefits those with more milder cases.

Stem cell therapy can help many avoid knee surgery. Due to its increase in stem cell use in treating arthritis, many cases show reduce pain a repairing of cartilage in the knees. Though blood supply is limited in the knee, restricting the function of the stem cells, many people still find respite from their pain that results in overall well-being.

Much early research has shown the restorative effects of stem cell therapy in arthritis-stricken animals. As such, it is used by many veterinarian clinics. In addition to healing the damaged tissue, stem cells reduce the immune response of the body that may detriment the healing process—yet
the body is still able to resist infection and disease.

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Stem Cell Treatment: Rheumatoid Arthritis

* Protocols

Upon approval of the treatment, a physician may create a protocol similar to the one seen below:

  • Duration of treatment: 4 days, 5 nights
  • Date of physical examination and blood testing: Monday
  • Protocol: Three IV injections of expanded allogeneic [low-passage) mesenchymal stem cells. Stem-kine supplement for 1 month [only after medical evaluation).

Specific criteria may exist for stem cell therapy to be an option. Some doctors recommend it to more mild cases of osteoarthritis with only little damage to the cartilage as a general rule, yet recommendations are commonly made on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, stem cell therapy is not covered by most insurance companies as it is still an unproven treatment. Nevertheless, current cases are assuring for its prognosis; many patients may still wish to pursue the treatment.

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