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Orthovisc Therapy

Another hyaluronate used to treat pain through viscosupplementation is Orthovisc. This non animal-sourced liquid is injected into the knee joint, assisting in the restoration of the cushioning a
lubrication that healthy joint fluid provides.


Orthovisc in Dallas, TX

High in molecular weight, Orthovisc is a very thick viscous solution. Also known as hyaluronan, it is made up of highly purified sodium hyaluronate in physiological saline. This substance that lubricates the joints and absorbs shock is found naturally in the human body.

This medication was approved by the U.S. FDA on February 4, 2004. It is indicated for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis who have failed to find respite with exercise, physical therapy,simple analgesics, or other more conservative treatment options.

Like Hyalgan, Orthovisc is a treatment, not a drug. The protocol for Orthovisc supplementation is weekly intra-articular injections given for three to four weeks. The effects of Orthovisc are known to be beneficial for up to 26 weeks.

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Other FDA-approved viscosupplements include the following:

  • Hyalgan – Approved 05/28/1997
  • Synvisc – Approved 08/08/1997
  • Supartz – Approved 01/24/2001
  • Euflexxa – Approved 12/03/2004
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