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Hyalgan Injections

Cause and severity of pain makes knee pain treatment varied for every individual. A common treatment is Hyalgan injections. In this process, Hyalgan gel is injected into the knee joint, bonding with the natural synovial fluid found in the body.. This gel increases cushioning and lubrication of the knee, thus mending the knee and diminishing pain, inflammation, and swelling afflicting the area.


Hyalgan Gel Therapy

Because accuracy is of utmost importance, live motion-imagining fluoroscopy is utilized. In addition to the increased accuracy, this promotes comfort for the patient during the procedure. The outside capsule of the joint consists of a robust tissue while the lining of the capsule of the joint contains the shock-absorbing synovial fluid. Hyalgan gel is of similar composition to this fluid inside of a knee joint. The low-dose video fluoroscopy allows for optimal display of the layers of the knee. Thus, the safe medical injections can be applied most effectively, providing pain relief for up to six months.

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Hyalgan Therapy For Knee Pain

Hyalgan therapy consists of hyaluronate gel injected into the knee joint. It is proficient for treating pain in those who do not find relief from simple painkillers. Nonetheless, Hyalgan injections can be used in addition to prescription pain relievers. This duo of treatment can help many individuals find reprieve without the expense of a possibly painful surgery.

Hyalgan is a viscous solution of purified sodium hyaluronate dissolved in physiological saline. In Hyalgan viscosupplementation, the gel-like hyaluronate is injected into the joint. The injection cushions the joint to reduce shock and provides lubrication to reduce friction, supplementing the synovial fluid’s natural properties that allow for healthy movement. Viscosupplementation can help restore these properties that are often diminished by diseases such as osteoarthritis.

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Hyalgan Indications

Hyalgan is regarded as treatment therapy, not drug therapy. The U.S. FDA approved Hyalgan for use in patient’s with knee osteoarthritis. The treatment is indicated for those patients who have failed to achieve pain remission with other non-drug treatments and simple analgesics. The substance comprising Hyalgan—sodium hyaluronate—is extracted from the combs of roosters.

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