If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic migraines, you understand that migraines are so much more than just a headache. In fact, those who suffer from chronic migraines have a long history of headache; they experience them on at least 15 days of the month, with 4 of them being severe migraines. The great news is that certain headache sufferers can now try Botox to help prevent pain before onset as most insurance carriers now cover the treatment.


Benefits of Botox Injections for Migraines

Botox was first approved for migraines by the FDA in 2010. Since then, there have been over 100,000 treatments performed by doctors, anesthesiologists, and pain management experts across the US.

Here are a few benefits in which migraine sufferers find relief:

    • Botox injections prevent pain before onset
    • Treatments occur every three months
    • Minimal discomfort – injections feel like tiny pinpricks
    • Expert level injectors – only trained doctors are qualified to inject
    • Only takes about 15 minutes


Our pain experts recommend Botox because it is effective for migraine headache. Botox injections blocks chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry pain signals to the brain. Injecting Botox along this path stops pain before they hit the nerve endings in the head and neck. If you\’re seeking help for migraines, please contact Arthritis Relief Institute\’s office to schedule a detailed evaluation – (972) 945-0785 or book your appointment online today.

Who qualifies for Treatment with Botox for Migraines

Headache suffers are often advised to take over the counter medications and perform relaxation techniques. That treatment plan works for common headache. However, the best treatment for migraines is to pay attention to the triggers, and work to prevent a migraine before it starts.
If you experience any of the following it\’s time to consider Botox treatments:

  • You have headache at least 15 days of any given month
  • Your headache last 4+ hours

Most insurance carriers cover Botox for headache. You can contact your insurance provider for information on coverage or give us a call and we\’ll help you sort it out.


How Treatment is Delivered for Migraines with Botox

Arthritis Relief Institute\’s team is specialized in pain management experts and anesthesiologists who are highly qualified to deliver Botox treatments. After a careful evaluation, your physician will inject the Botox into the shallow muscles causing your headache or migraine. There are 31 injection sites in 7 key areas of the head and neck that can give patients up to three months without pain. The best practice is to have repeating treatments every 12 weeks before you start feeling the pain to avoid the onset of a migraine due to delayed treatment.

How to Know If You Suffer From Migraines or Headache

Many describe the association with a tension headache as an elastic band that is squeezing the head. This pressure is caused by the contraction of muscles between the head and neck, and they experience a dull pain that is mild to moderate in most cases and lasts 30 minutes to a few hours. In comparison, a migraine tends to range from relatively mild to quite severe throbbing pain on one side of the head or in the front. These types of migraines can last for hours or days.
A simple headache often comes with no advance notice, but migraine sufferers report a \”warning\” which is auditory, visual, physiological, or psychological as a result of the changing neurological effects it has on the brain.

Triggers for both migraines and headache differ from patient to patient and generally a person who suffers from 15 headache a month has learned to determine possible causes. Anxiety, stress, smells, poor posture, squinting, dehydration, poor light, tiredness, hunger, excessive sugar intake, hormonal changes, alcohol and others have been linked to episodes. During a tension headache patients typically feel pressure in their head but not much elsewhere in their bodies. By contrast, a migraine sufferer has a heightened level of pain over a simple headache, and patients report it is so sweeping that they cannot perform everyday tasks, sleep, or even relax. The symptoms of migraine sufferers extend beyond what\’s happening in the head.

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