Arthritis, more specifically osteoarthritis, is one of the most common causes of knee pain. Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear of joints over time. A lack of cartilage to cushion the joint as well as a decrease of synovial fluid to lubricate joints can cause immense arthritis pain in the knee such as stiffness, soreness, or even swelling. Over 100 million Americans suffer from knee and joint pain each year. And while it can seem like the end of the world, especially for those who love physical activity, there are ways to make living with arthritis of the knee easier. You can still manage knee pain and do the things you love. Here are some dos and don’ts for living your best life even with arthritis knee pain.

Do exercise regularly. Exercising after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee can seem counterproductive. After all, it can be difficult to exercise with knee pain. But exercise and movement are great for strengthening muscles and keeping joints mobile and flexible.

Don’t participate in exercise activities that are hard on the knee joint. Avoid such exercises as running, jumping, or sports that involve a lot of starting and stopping. Activities such as swimming, walking, or cycling are low impact exercises that are easy on the knees.

Do get relief from hot and cold treatments to ease discomfort. Knee pain doctors suggest both hot and cold compresses for knee pain relief from arthritis. Heat will increase the blood flow to the knee which can provide relief from pain and stiffness. Hot baths and showers can also help. Cold packs are a great way to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Don’t try to ignore arthritis pain. Not treating joint pain can lead to more damage from joint inflammation. Seek treatment for knee pain related to arthritis and get ahead of the problem before it worsens. Know what options are available to you to treat arthritis pain and bring about relief. Knee pain specialists at Arthritis Relief Institute can pinpoint arthritis pain and discuss the best treatment options for knee pain relief.

Do eat right. Certain types of foods have been known to be beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis pain. For example, foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, or fruits and vegetables can help alleviate arthritis pain. Spices such as turmeric also have inflammatory properties that can ease arthritis pain.

Find relief from chronic arthritis pain of the knee by following these tips and consulting with knowledge knee pain doctors at the Arthritis Relief Institute to improve quality of life and be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.